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On Tea

Tea leaves is the common name of the species Camellia Sinensis. The common tea types are:

  • ⚫️ Black tea
  • ⚪️ White tea
  • 🟠 Oolong tea
  • 🟢 Green tea
  • 💐 Herbal tea (no tea leaves)

Tea planting


The flavour of teas is affected by:

  • S: Soil
  • C: Climate
  • A: Altitude

Planting areas

  • Assam
  • Darjeeling
  • Ceylon / Sri Lanka

Brewing Criteria

98.5˚C. If water temperature is too low (e.g. ≤75˚C):

  • Weak in taste (due to under-extraction)
  • A thin white layer might appear on the surface

Comparison of tea

Type Remarks
Green tea slightly bitter/astringent, softer, fresh
Black tea stronger flavour
Earl Gray tea flavoured with bergamot oil
Herbal tea 0% caffeine (no tea leaves)


  • Airtight container
  • Dry environment
  • Cool environment
  • Don't store tea leaves at the place/container with strong scent


(see recipe section in practical exam)