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Written Exam

You need to answer 20 short questions within 20 minutes. You need to answer 60% of the questions correctly (i.e. 12).

Marks Grade
<12 Fail
12-17 Merit
18-20 Distinction


Here are some skills to answer the questions.


Some questions will ask you the main reason/difference. In this case, remember to answer the most critical point.

What is the main difference in taste between green tea and black tea.

Green tea is slightly bitter/astringent then black tea.

Although green tea is also softer and fresher then black tea, they are not the main difference.


Not all the drinks (indeed coffee is the only exception) has a standard ingredient ratio. However, you still need to point out the purpose of having the same recipe for the same drink.

What should be the ratio of the fruit and other ingredients in a smoothies?

The ratio should follow the standard recipe in order to make the drink with consistent quality & taste

Remember, consistent quality & taste/concentration is the reason why we need to have a recipe / ratio. Not all the drinks will have a numeric formula like expresso or filter coffee.

"Basket" vs "Shot"

You might see those terms when answering questions related to the expresso machine. Basket controls the amount of coffee grinds (input) while shot controls the serving volume (output).

How many coffee grinds is required when brewing with double basket in 1 shot?

16 - 18 grams.

The question is asking the input of the expresso. Therefore you should focus on the keyword double basket (i.e. 2 scoops)