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On Smoothies

The most challenging part when making smoothies is safety.

Electric Blender

Usually 20-30 seconds is enough to blend all the ingredients. However, the time required may vary due to the power of each blender is different.

When you see there is no ice cubes and the ingredients are well-mixed to form a smooth paste, it means the smoothies is ready.

commercial blender

Safety Precautions

  • Make sure the blender is off and motor stops spinning before touching the jug
  • Take the jug out of the motor and place it on the desk before opening the lid
  • Only food can be placed in the jug
  • Some blenders have safety sensors. Motor won't operate if the jug is not placed at the correct position
  • Lid should be covered when the blender is operating
  • You should not touch the food directly e.g. use a spoon to handle


  1. If water leaks from the blender:
  2. Check if the lid has been closed properly
  3. Check if wear or tear on the plastic ring on the lid
  4. If the machine doesn't start after switching on the power button
  5. Check if the blender jug is placed properly on the motor
  6. Some blenders won't work if the jug is not in a correct position
  7. The blender is too noisy when operating
  8. Use a soundproof cover to reduce the noise (especially for commercial blender)


Smoothies contains fruit / other natural ingredients so it is rich in fibers can be treated as a source of daily fiber intake. It is considered as a healthy drink.

  • Main ingredient: ice.

  • (Frozen) Fruits / (concentrated) juice: fill water first when using (concentrated) juice

  • Milk / Yogurt
  • other natural ingredients


  • Store the ingredents under suitable temperature
  • If the container has a lid, close the lid tightly
  • Store the ingredient with airtight containers when possible


The pratical exam recipe

(see the recipe section in practical exam)

Standard Recipe

Follow the recipe used in your coffee shop. There is no right/wrong on the ingredients but you should:

  • Keep a consistent quality & taste