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On Cocoa (Chocolate)

Planting areas

Similar to coffee planting areas. Here are some countries:

  • Mexico
  • Indonesia
  • Barzil
  • Madagascar


After the cocoa are harvested by farmers:

  • Unpulp
  • Fermentation (at least 3 rounds)
  • Cleaned
  • Sun dried

Unripe and ripe cacao pods

Fermentation steps 1

(FYI only, not in the written exam)

Fermentation gives flavour to cocoa. However, fermentation is not happened at the beans 2:

Rather, yeasts, bacteria, and enzymes ferment the juicy white pulp, or baba, that surrounds the cacao beans.

Round Time
1st 16 hours (Day 0-1)
2nd 48 hours (Day 1-3)
3rd+ every 24 hours (Day 3-6+)


After the cocoa beans are dried, beans will be sent to cocoa manufacturing facilities:

  • 🔴 Roasted
  • 🟢 Grounded and Liquified to chocolate liquor
  • 🔵 Blended to make chocolate/cocoa powder


Cocoa powder should be stored:

  • Dry environment
  • Cool environment
  • Places/containers that don't have strong scent

Chocolate Machine

Chocolate matchine

Chocolate machine can produce chocolate milk foam.


You have to clean the mixing accessories of the chocolate machine daily in order to avoid hygienic problem.


If the chocolate machine cannot produce chocolate milk foam properly, you should check:

  • whipper motor
  • whipper paddle

Hot Chocolate Recipe

The Practical Exam Recipe

(see recipe section in practical exam)

Standard Recipe

Follow the powder to milk ratio provided by the cocoa powder manufacturer:

  • standard quality & taste
  • consistent concentration

You may also to increase the value of the drink by:

  • using a tall, transparent cup
  • decorating the drink with other ingredients e.g. marshmallow / cream